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An Introduction to Time Series Forecasting

By Sam Shideler on Thu, Dec 20, 2018

If I could predict the future, some aspects of business would become much easier. For instance, if I owned a store and could somehow divine what my next week’s sales would look like, I could make sure that my inventory was perfectly matched to the coming demand. Similarly, if I could predict the movements of the stock market, I could use this information to make advantageous trades. Sadly, I can’t see into the future. So the natural question becomes: what are the best predictions I can make about the future given the information that is available to me today?

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Making Unstructured Text Data Usable with Semantic Parsing

By Alex Schumacher on Thu, Dec 06, 2018

If you’ve seen any technology publication in the last few years, you’d know this one incontrovertible truth: the robots are coming, and there’s no stopping them. Even if they’re not literal robots, AI is everywhere, and it’s probably sitting in your living room already, taking the form of a Google Assistant or Amazon Echo.

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