Source code for fastscore.snapshot

from os import remove

[docs]class Snapshot(object): """ Represents a snapshot of a model state. Do not create directly. Use the model's snapshots collection: >>> model = mm.models['model-1'] >>> model.snapshots.browse(count=1) [{'id': 'yu647a',...}] >>> snap = model.snapshots['yu'] # prefix is enough """ def __init__(self, snapid, created_on, stype, size, model): self._id = snapid self._created_on = created_on self._stype = stype self._size = size self._model = model @property def id(self): """ A snapshot id. """ return self._id @property def created_on(self): """ A date the snapshot has been taken. """ return self._created_on @property def stype(self): return self._stype @property def size(self): """ A size of the snapshot in bytes. """ return self._size def to_dict(self): return { 'id': self._id, 'created_on': self._created_on, 'stype': self._stype, 'size': self._size }
[docs] def restore(self, engine): """ Restore the model state using the snapshot. >>> snap = model.snapshots['yu'] # prefix is enough >>> snap.restore(engine) """ tempfile = self._model.download_snapshot(self._id) with open(tempfile) as f: engine.restore_state( remove(tempfile)