Source code for fastscore.model


from .attachment import Attachment
from .snapshot import Snapshot

from .errors import FastScoreError
import re

import requests
import six

class ModelMetadata(object):
    def __init__(self, name, mtype):
        self._name = name
        self._mtype = mtype

    def name(self):
        return self._name

    def mtype(self):
        return self._mtype

    def to_dict(self):
        return { 'name': self._name, 'mtype': self._mtype }

[docs]class Model(object): """ Represents an analytic model. A model can be created directly: >>> model = fastscore.Model('model-1') >>> model.mtype = 'python' >>> model.source = '...' Or, retrieved from a Model Manage instance: >>> mm = connect.lookup('model-manage') >>> model = mm.models['model-1'] A directly-created model must be saved to make attachment and snapshot manipulation functions available: >>> mm = connect.lookup('model-manage') >>> model.update(mm) >>> model.attachments.names() [] """ @property def TYPES(): return MODEL_CONTENT_TYPES.keys() class AttachmentBag(object): def __init__(self, model): self.model = model def names(self): return self.model.list_attachments() def __iter__(self): for x in self.model.list_attachments(): (atype,sz) = self.model.get_attachment(x) yield Attachment(x, atype, None, datasize=sz, model=self.model) def __getitem__(self, name): (atype,sz) = self.model.get_attachment(name) return Attachment(name, atype, None, datasize=sz, model=self.model) def __delitem__(self, name): self.model.remove_attachment(name) class SnapshotBag(object): def __init__(self, model): self.model = model def browse(self, date1=None, date2=None, count=None): page = self.model.list_snapshots(date1, date2, count) return [ Snapshot(x['id'], x['created_on'], x['type'], x['size'], self.model) for x in page ] def __getitem__(self, snapid): info = self.model.get_snapshot(snapid) return Snapshot(info['id'], info['created_on'], info['type'], info['size'], self.model) def __delitem__(self, snapid): self.model.remove_snapshot(snapid) def __init__(self, name, mtype='python', source=None, model_manage=None): self._mm = model_manage self._name = name self.mtype = mtype self.source = source self._attachments = Model.AttachmentBag(self) self._snapshots = Model.SnapshotBag(self) @property def name(self): """ A model name, e.g. 'model-1'. """ return self._name @name.setter def name(self, name): self._name = name @property def mtype(self): """ A model type: * **pfa-json**: a PFA model in JSON format. * **pfa-yaml**: a PFA model in YAML format. * **pfa-pretty**: a PrettyPFA model. * **h2o-java**: an H20 model. * **python**: a Python model. * **python3**: a Python 3 model. * **R**: an R model. * **java**: a Java model. * **c**: a C model. * **octave**: an Octave model. * **sas**: a SAS model. """ return self._mtype @mtype.setter def mtype(self, mtype): assert mtype in MODEL_CONTENT_TYPES self._mtype = mtype @property def source(self): """ The source code of the model. """ return self._source @source.setter def source(self, source): self._source = source @property def attachments(self): """ A collection of model attachments. See :class:`.Attachment`. """ return self._attachments @property def snapshots(self): return self._snapshots def update(self, model_manage=None): if model_manage == None and self._mm == None: raise FastScoreError("Model '%s' not associated with Model Manage" % if self._mm == None: self._mm = model_manage return self._mm.save_model(self) def saved(self): if self._mm == None: raise FastScoreError("Model '%s' not saved (use update() method)" % def list_attachments(self): self.saved() try: return self._mm.swg.attachment_list(, except Exception as e: raise FastScoreError("Cannot list attachments", caused_by=e) def get_attachment(self, name): self.saved() try: (_,_,headers) = \ self._mm.swg.attachment_head_with_http_info(, \, name) ct = headers['content-type'] sz = int(headers['content-length']) for atype,ct1 in ATTACHMENT_CONTENT_TYPES.items(): if ct1 == ct: return (atype,sz) raise FastScoreError("Unrecognized attachment MIME type '%s'" % ct) except Exception as e: raise FastScoreError("Cannot retrieve attachment '%s'" % name, caused_by=e) def download_attachment(self, name): self.saved() try: if six.PY2: return self._mm.swg.attachment_get(,, name) else: # Python 3 params = {'host':, 'instance':, 'model':, 'attachment': name} path = "{host}/{instance}/1/model/{model}/attachment/{attachment}".format(**params) r = requests.get(path, verify=False) if r.status_code == 200: with open(name, 'wb') as f: f.write(r.content) return name else: raise FastScoreError("Cannot download attachment '%s'" % name) except Exception as e: raise FastScoreError("Cannot download attachment '%s'" % name, caused_by=e) def remove_attachment(self, name): self.saved() try: self._mm.swg.attachment_delete(,, name) except Exception as e: raise FastScoreError("Cannot remove attachment '%s'" % name, caused_by=e) def save_attachment(self, att): self.saved() try: ct = ATTACHMENT_CONTENT_TYPES[att.atype] ## ## schema: { type: file } ## is not supported by Swagger 2.0 for in-body parameters. ## with open(att.datafile, 'rb') as f: data = if six.PY2: self._mm.swg.attachment_put(, \,, data=data, content_type=ct) else: params = {'host':, 'instance':, 'model':, 'attachment':} path = "{host}/{instance}/1/model/{model}/attachment/{attachment}".format(**params) r = requests.put(path, headers={"content-type":ct}, data=data, verify=False) if r.status_code != 201 and r.status_code != 204: raise FastScoreError("Error uploading attachment.") except Exception as e: raise FastScoreError("Cannot upload attachment '%s'" %, \ caused_by=e) def list_snapshots(self, date1, date2, count): self.saved() try: params = {} if date1 or date2: date_range = '' if date1: date_range += date1.isoformat() date_range += '--' if date2: date_range += date2.isoformat() params['date_range'] = date_range if count: params['count'] = count return self._mm.swg.snapshot_list(,, **params) except Exception as e: raise FastScoreError("Cannot list snapshots", caused_by=e) def get_snapshot(self, snapid): self.saved() try: return self._mm.swg.snapshot_get_metadata(,, snapid) except Exception as e: raise FastScoreError("Cannot retrieve snapshot '%s' metadata" % snapid, caused_by=e) def download_snapshot(self, snapid): self.saved() try: return self._mm.swg.snapshot_get_contents(,, snapid) except Exception as e: raise FastScoreError("Cannot retrieve snapshot '%s' contents" % snapid, caused_by=e) def remove_snapshot(self, snapid): self.saved() try: self._mm.swg.snapshot_delete(,, snapid) except Exception as e: raise FastScoreError("Cannot remove snapshot '%s'" % snapid, caused_by=e)
[docs] def deploy(self, engine): """ Deploy this model to an engine. :param engine: The Engine instance to use. """ engine.load_model(self)