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ModelOp Center Access is provides some basic security, wrapping the ModelOp Center fleet behind an NGINX reverse-proxy, while at the same time providing a few methods for authorizing users.

To run Access, port 9000 must be exposed, and the FASTSCORE_PROXY environment variable must be set to either the dashboard or frontman proxy:

    image: fastscore/access:1.9
      - "9000:9000"
      FASTSCORE_PROXY: https://dashboard:8000

Configured in this way, access to port 8000 on the dashboard container will be restricted to those who know the username/password baked into Access (admin/password are the defaults).

The list of accepted usernames/passwords can be modified by mapping into the container a new .htpasswd file at the following location:


This file can be created using the htpasswd utility:


Access can additionally be configured to talk to an Active Directory server, and can also be configured for OAuth2 and Open ID Connect.