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FastScore Glossary

Term Definition
Asset Any individual component that is used and required during a deployment in an engine. This includes models, schemas, streams, sensors, and import policies.
Attachments A tarfile that contains all dependencies that the model being deployed needs to run properly.
Engine A docker container that executes code meant for computation when configured with a model (the code), schemas, and streams.
Fleet A list of active FastScore containers that the user could interact with. This could include multiple FastScore Engines and FastScore Manage.
Jet A Unix process that runs a model.
Job A complete configuration of one or more interrelated FastScore engines that each contain a model, schemas, an import policy, and input/output stream(s).
Manifold A component of an engine that manages the data flow between streams and the model.
Runner FastScore Engine will use different model-specific runners to executed depending on the language of the model deployed.
Sensor A configurable function that captures specific meta data about the execution process of a model in production.
Stream A file that contains all information necessary to transport data from one place to another. Could be from a data source to the engine or from the engine to an application. There is at least one input stream and one output stream.