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FastScore Specifications

Model Formats     Instrumentation and Logging  
R   Scoring throughput
Python   Memory usage (per model)
PFA   CPU utilization (scoring)
Java   CPU utilization (data serialization)
H2O   CPU utilization (data deserialization)
Matlab   Sensors
C   Default sensors installed
Scala   Dashboard sensor support
Certified Deployment Options     Workflow, Concurrency, Scaling, etc  
Linux   Single model complex analytic workflows
AWS   Multi-model complex analytic workflows
On-premise   Single machine scaling
Private Cloud   Infrastructure Scaling (multi-server, cloud, etc)
Public Cloud   Intra-engine concurrecy
Azure   Multi-engine concurrency
Google Cloud   Model state persistence checkpointing
MacOS   Model state staring
      Multiple input/output streams
Data Source Types        
REST   Third Party Orchestrators
Kafka   Mesos/Marathon/DCOS
File   Swarm
ODBC   Kubernetes
Experimental (TCP/UDP/Exec)   Model Management and AnalyticOps  
Kafka (Authenticated)   Store/Edit/Select Models
S3 (Authenticated)   Store/Edit/Select Streams
      Store/Edit/Select Schemas
Schema Definition Formats        
Avro Schema   Machine Learning Integration  
Avro Schema Extensions (Restrictions)   R [ R ]
      scikit-learn [ Python ]
Data Encoding Formats     ml.lib [POJO ]
Raw   H2O [POJO]
JSON   Tensorflow [ Python, R ]
UTF-8   Integration and Management Interfaces  
      GUI Dashboard
Environment Management     CLI
Import Policy   Model deploy Jupyter
FastScore SDK     Authentication and Access Control  
Python 2   LDAP Authentication
Python 3   Dashboard LDAP Authentication
Scala/Java   OAuth2/OIDC